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Vendor Registration Procedure


1. Download Vendor Registration Form documents.

2. Correctly fill the Vendor Registration Form and submit copy of general administrative requirements below:

  • Deed Of Establishment, Deed of Amendment to change Corporate Name (if there is name changed), Latest Deed of Amendment, if any.
  • Decree Of Legalization of Deed of Establishment/State Gazette of R.I (for PT should attach Approval Letter from the Department  of Justice and Human Rights, in accordance  with  the provisions of Law Number 40 year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company, or the Ratification of Articles of Association by the Director General for Fostering  Cooperation Institution  (for Cooperatives) . 
  • Valid Business license in accordance with its business areas:
    -   Trade Business License (SIUP) for trade of  goods and services.
    -   Construction Business License (SIUJK) for construction services.
    -   For construction services only, must submit Company Registration Certificate (TDP) as well as  Certificate of construction services business entity  issued by  an association of construction services which has been accredited by National Development Agencies Of Construction Services (LPJK).
  • Valid Registration Letter (SKT) by DIRJEN PAJAK
  • Valid Domicile Certificate.
  • Place of Business Permit for branch/ representative office.
  • Tax Identification Number (NPWP).
  • Taxable Entrepreneur (SPPKP).
  • Taxes payment evidences of SPT/PPh (Pasal 29) of the latest year.
  • Tax reports of the last three months on  PPh Articles  25 or  21/ 23 or VAT .
  • The latest Year’s Balance Sheet and Financial Statement, prefereably the   audited one  by Public Accountant.
  • List of experiences in completing the provision of goods/services and/or works in accordance with your Core of Competency in the oil & gas industry or government institution during the last 7 (seven) years.
  • List of Shares holders’  composition and the Management Organization Chart.
  • List of members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.
  • Valid Letter of Agency Certificate issued by the Department of Trade  (if any) .
  • Other Documents:
    -   Valid MIGAS Registration Letter (SKT) if required by relevant Operation Department of Premier-Oil.
    -   Valid Number and expired date of GAPENSI or KADIN membership (if any) .
    -   Valid certificate of Labor Social Security (if any).

3. Submit the completed documents - Vendor Registration Form and the copies of the required documents put the Vendor Registration and copies of the required documents into an envelope, coded with "Vendor Registration" at the top left corner, addressed to Premier Oil Indonesia, for the attention of the "SCM Department" and thereafter submit the envelope to the:

Premier Oil Indonesia
Indonesia Stock Exchange Building Tower 1, 10th Floor.
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta 12190 - Indonesia.
Service Hours is Monday to Friday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

For Re-Validate Vendor Data please coded with the “RE-VALIDATE VENDOR”

Contact Person:        Mariska Prijanka


The Unregistered Vendors are welcome to participate as bidders for tender process.




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